sandwich in his mouth. He got his backpack on and the ropes securely attached just as it
happened. He heard a rushing sound and a lot of thundering. Within seconds the entire
area was chock-a-block with wide-eyed, crazed, and out of breath animals all jostling for
position and scrambling over one another as they hit what they saw as a dead end. The
noise was astonishing and Phil heard the sounds of even bigger animals coming in from
behind. If he did not act now they would all be forced into the water and drown or be
What was even more concerning was the big red glow and that came through the trees
behind the herd of local park animals, there was also the recognisable smell of smoke
and the small black ashes of burnt grass started to float down from the sky and land
with gentle warning all around. Phil turned to the water to see if there was any way of
getting across and to safety but it was a sheer rock face at the other end. A few small
mice panicked and jumped into the water and swam around for a while before trying to
get back out. Phil felt the fear build up inside him and it almost became overwhelming.
The more fear he felt the harder the animals pushed at him and the angrier they
seemed to get. He immediately remembered his time with his brother in the darkness in
the woods in Mozambique.
He steadied himself as Suriyan had taught them and found
his energy string, his tune and his connection and drew what he needed from it. He sent
out a silent prayer of gratitude for his education for he knew without it he would surely
be dead or even worse, stuck at home being “normal”.
At the top of his voice and with all the confidence in the world, through the hustle and
bustle of all the animals he screamed “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!” He knew they needed a leader so he could
have them lead themselves out of here. The noise died down as the animals combined
panic was replaced with curiosity. They stared at him expectantly and slightly puzzled.
Even the rustling of the bushes at the back stopped for a bit. Phil knew they would start
panicking again and by then it would be too late, it was up to him to get them to safety,