this is what he was here for. The crowd began to grow as more and more animals piled
into the area. Everything from horses to insects moved in on him, he was starting to feel
the pressure of the crowd and the area would not be able to handle much more
capacity without some of it having an escape route. They all ran the risk of being pushed
into the water. The panic was beginning to build again, especially within him. He was
dealing with an out of control crowd that needed direction and order. He knew he did
not have much time.
“Do not go in the water, you will not survive, do you understand me?!” he shouted to
them all. There was a general acknowledgement from the huge herd. Good, he thought
to himself. “I will help you but you must follow my instructions without question.” He
did not know how he knew how much time they had but he just did. “The fire is not
here yet, nor is the smoke,” he told them, knowing they did not have any concept of
time. “We will move before it gets here, do not run now and do not fly now. Send
instruction backwards that you are to all stop moving and you are to all work together if
we are to survive.” There was a moments silence and then all the animals took to the
direction from Phil and sent word back to each other. Phil sensed they understood that
their very survival depended on them working together and since they did not know
how to do it they needed to take direction from the human. “Who
knows this place the
best?” Phil asked.
A large crocodile emerged from the thick of the bushes and was flanked by three more
on either side. The animals made a path for them, making sure to give them a wide birth.
“We do,” said the crocodile. His tone was menacing and filled with absolute wilderness.
Phil knew he was dealing with a different calibre of animal here and that extreme
caution would need to be exercised. He closed his eyes and sent out a small signal to his
brother letting him know it had begun, and then he opened his eyes and spoke to the