PART 2 Chapter 13:
John was at the base of the Blue Mountains in Sydney as he had been for the past few
days. He had set up a nice camp for himself and was settling down to some quiet time
dinner when he got a signal from Phil that his
task had begun. There was a level
of excitement and fear in Phil’s message and John felt his connection to his brother take
on the same emotions. ‘Good on ya mate’, he thought to himself. John made a vow not
to get involved at the cost of distracting Phil, not matter how much he wanted to know
what was going on, besides he had his own work to do. Kayla had sent him a map so
that he could study the topography of the entire south side landscape of the Blue
Mountains, a side that very rarely saw any kind of human travelling due to its rugged
terrain. John sent out a return signal for Phil acknowledging that he was now aware his
task had begun and he threw in a “good luck bro” too.
John settled into his reviewing of the map he had, he was just about finished, he had
only one section to look at and then he would be well versed with all the ins and outs of
the landscape. He took a break and made himself a little dinner and tucked into it lazily.
He had also been kitted up to the hilt, but instead of tons of rope he had been provided
with tons of tightly vacuum packed survival food, enough to feed a small army in fact
and a good few square metres of extremely thin and extremely durable and thankfully
extremely lightweight and compact tent material. The whole lot, which was enough to
cover a small house, folded up into a neat little package the size of a normal two man
John was finishing packing away the utensils he used for dinner when he felt the first
tremor. It gave him a huge fright and he stood frozen trying to understand what had just
happened. The next tremor knocked him off his feet and the rumble lasted for a few
more seconds. Rocks began to fall from the mountain side and the trees began to buckle.
unfroze and immediately took cover under an old fallen tree that had over time
gathered a moss covering. The next tremor was epic and the whole forest moved. Large