boulders had rolled down the mountain side and came barrelling through the forest, a
of them hitting the tree trunk John was under and launching over following
through on their own momentum. In the distance somewhere off towards the path he
followed in, John heard a horrible ripping sound. ‘If that was the ground then this is
definitely not going to end well’, he thought to himself.
There was one more large ground breaking tremor that snapped through the tree line
and toppled a series of massive pine trees as if they were matchsticks. John covered his
head with his arms and closed his eyes as the trees came crashing down. It all happened
so fast that he didn’t have enough time to move. The fear that ripped through him was
intense and crippling. Luckily the trees that fell towards him kept their rigidity and as
they hit the tree trunk he was under they simply bounced up and rolled off. The noise
was epic and the dust and bits of bark and tree splinters flying through the air made it
look like a war zone, but other than that John managed to be in the perfect place at the
perfect time not to get squashed to death.
He was well aware of this fact when he eventually gathered enough courage to stick his
head out and see what was what. After a couple of more minutes John decided to
venture out from behind his shelter. A number of rocks and boulders had steamrolled
his camp site but nothing seemed to be damaged too badly that it was not still useful.
Everything fabric based was in near perfect nick except for one thing. A large boulder
now lay on top of his tent, inside of which was the food and special material.
He shoved at it with his shoulders a few times but to no avail. It was not budging at all. A
couple of aftershocks nearly sent him barrelling off to hide under the tree trunk again,
but they came and went quickly and compared to the main tremors they were like a
vibrating bed. John moved away from the boulder and gathered up the few things he
had lying around and packed everything into the now torn and tattered but still usable
backpack. He sat down with his back resting against the boulder
and grabbed a