chocolate cooldrink from the bag. The shock of what had just happened was setting in
and his limbs went weak and his brain went a bit numb.
The sugar helped, he knew it would, Kayla had warned to make sure he had it with him.
He closed his
eyes for a bit and almost drifted off into an exhausted sleep. What
stopped John from slipping into a slumber was that nagging voice in the back of his head.
He had lived with it all his life, when something was in front of him that needed to be
figured out, well he could just not let it go until he figured it out. He needed to now
figure out how to move the boulder and the more he thought about it the more he
moved into a wide awake state, until he was lying flat on his back staring up at the rock
and looking at the angles, contemplating what kind of leverage might work.
Another thought was entering into his head, one that was telling him to remember that
there are many options available and not just those he was familiar with. He followed
the thought train and realised it was a reference to his time with the Pelican’s and the
time with his friends and brother where they learned so much more was available to
them than what the conventional world had taught them. John sat up and immediately
stopped contemplating the angles and a leverage approach. In fact he halted all
thoughts about moving the boulder in total.
Instead he asked for help, from the inside. He focused on the situation as it was and
then asked again for help. A green wave of light descended on him almost immediately.
He expected as much. He asked the light to help him with an answer to his situation and
he received an answer in the same tone as the one he got on how to deal with the loss
of Robert back at the infirmary in Mozambique.
It is not the boulder that you are looking to move my child but instead, it is the items
underneath you seek. The boulders is large enough for you to dig a small trench under it
and remove that which you seek without the boulder sinking further. Wedge four rocks