between the boulder and the ground and then use your portable shovel to dig a bit at a
time, just until you are able to remove items individually.
The voice was very direct, John smiled, he enjoyed the simplicity of the whole thing. He
wasted no time and found four large rocks and wedged them in as instructed. He then
located the softest ground and began to dig the trench. It took him about half an hour
to get under the tent, cut through it and access the items inside. One by one he pulled
out the packaged food and lastly the pack of compacted material, which came out after
a sweat-building struggle. The items looked worse for wear but were still definitely
usable. He removed his half sunken self from the ditch and sat with his back to the
boulder, sweating and panting. He felt good and grateful. The immediate problem had
been overcome, now came the real work.
He looked up and saw a troop of school kid’s stumble down the slope in front of him,
half mangled and bloody. He just stared as he sent a signal to Phil saying “me too”.
PART 2 Chapter 14:
Phil had been discussing the layout of the land with the crocodiles when he heard John’s
return signal. His task had also started, which for some reason made Phil rest a little
easier. The crocodiles had no idea what
a map was and it was difficult for Phil to
translate their descriptions of the landscape into readable sections on the map. The first
thing he did before they started was he got two large owls to go out and find out which
directions the fire was coming from. He then sent a pair of hawks up to look at the
direction the wind was blowing and to see if there was any chance it might change in
the next two hours. When they got back he had discovered that the fire was closing in
on them from all sides, this was not good news. The hawks reported that the wind was
blowing against the fire for now but the smaller fire in front of them would build up as it
hit the denser dry forest area. There were no dark clouds up high that indicated any
change would take place. He then instructed the owls and the hawks to tell the other