smaller birds that they must not fly off as they would be disoriented and if they ended
up in the smoke they would die.
As he looked at the map and tried to plan a route out he found that every route he had
in mind ended up putting them back in exactly the kind of situation they were in right
now, the only difference is that they would be even more exhausted and would have
less of a chance of surviving. He sensed the restlessness build within the large group
again and he issued a strong warning against panicking. He explained in careful detail
what he was doing and told those in front to make sure the message was spread back to
every single creature with them. Phil grew in confidence as he spoke more and more
with the herd, he knew they would listen to him now, without question. What was
concerning was that he still had not figured a way out. He even tried to puzzle together
his supplies and looked at the map to see if it would give him any clue as to what to do.
The harder he tried to force and answer the further it got away from him. He
remembered his time in the infirmary when Robert died and he stopped looking at the
map. In fact he stopped looking for an answer all together and removed himself from
the crowd of animals.
“I will be back
in a moment, I am just finishing up the planning of our exit route,” he told
the crocodiles, who in turn kept the herd at bay. He had to convince them long and hard
earlier not to attack the animals around them and to work as his team leaders. He found
them to be terribly stubborn creatures when wild like this, but their concern for their
own lives helped them overcome any shock or feelings of “this is not natural” they may
have been having. Phil walked off clothes and all right into the water and paddled out
into the middle of the pond. He then closed his eyes and asked for help.
A tube of yellow light descended on him and covered all areas around him all the way
down into the water. Phil focused on the light and his own tune and in his mind asked
“how do
I lead the creatures of this forest to safety?” The answer was immediate.