Safety is a matter of perspective. Nothing is really safe or unsafe. You are in a situation
that you would prefer not to be in and the creatures seem to be of the same opinion. If
you wish to remain in the biological state you are in then you must not look at going
over the land but rather through it. This water comes from a space in the earth that can
be navigated. You will need to use all the creatures around you to assist in forging your
path. You must also understand that when you speak to these animals you must consider
each different species as you would consider a person from a different country or
community. Listen to your instinct when communicating.
Know this, these creatures are more important than you understand. They are
untouched by human concerns and are in a natural state so remember their
primitiveness when speaking with them. It is your task and duty to have them lead
themselves, and you to safety. This cleansing of
the land around you will be thorough
and comprehensive, there will be nothing left above ground other than ash and smoke.
You have little time to find the entrance to the space in the earth you seek. When you
are in it you must travel with the wind in your face and never at your back, this will point
you in the direction you need to go.
Phil opened his eyes and paddled back to the crowd of animals who were being kept in
line by the fierce crocodiles. He located a pack of quivering dingoes and conversed with
them for moment. He immediately sensed them to be scared and because of this they
were on edge and dangerous. His instinct told him to ask the animals if they would be
willing to do something and explain why, rather than instruct them. They did not have
the ability to deduce and would eventually have no reason to listen to him and that
would put him in very grave danger. He asked the dingoes if they would be willing to
look for an entrance into the rock face around either side of the water that would lead
them into the earth and he explained why.