laughter that was so infectious that within seconds both Dad and I were laughing too.
“You’d better follow me you two, we are about to start and we don’t want to be late.”
She hopped off the table and motioned for us to follow her.
She led us back inland past the rustic wooden shack I woke up in past some trees and
eventually off the sand onto a large rolling grassy embankment with a huge wooden
stage below. Seated all around the embankment were Pelican’s by the dozen, what was
even more amazing was that there were people scattered in and amongst them. One
such pairing was an older looking man and a girl, they were walking right up to us. I
backed into Dad a bit. I was not expecting to see any other people in this bizarre dream.
“Jarred!” roared the approaching man as he neared us, his big beard moving in time
with his big smile. He gave Dad a huge bear hug and laughed
wildly as he did so.
“Good to see you George, as always” Dad too had a big grin on his face. George was
wearing a set of worn out jeans that looked older than he did and an unbuttoned red
and white shirt. The sun had taken its toll on his skin as he was very brown. “I assume
this is your daughter Kim?” asked Dad looking at the rather fetching girl standing next to
“Indeed it is and this I assume is Matthew?” George held out his hand to me, I held out
mine and received a rather unexpected light handshake, I was expecting to be rattled to
the core. Dad held out his hand to Kim, she shook it apprehensively. She had a more
excited look on her face than I had, she also exuded authority, like she knew exactly
what she was doing, all the time.
George and Dad looked at the two of us in silence, waiting for us to greet each other.
Kim stood firm and held out her hand. Not one to be outdone by a girl I confidently