He also explained that their kind were natural scavengers and had a keen eye for these
kinds of details. They spoke in a yelping kind of barky tone and after a quick silent
exchange they agreed and split up to search the area. A few mice had overheard the
conversation and volunteered their services too, they were very eager to please. Phil
figured it had to do with their position on the food chain. The crocodiles had been
witnessing the exchange and seemed to nod
in approval. They snapped their jaws and
slammed their tails into the hard ground which was a sign of respect. Phil thanked them
and explained what the plan of action was. They weren’t crazy about the idea but once
Phil explained with unwavering knowing that it was the only way for them to survive
they were on board. He asked if they would be willing to spread the word of their
progress to the rest of the herd, which they did.
Things were moving at a rapid pace and Phil did not even have a chance to fully feel the
fear of the raging fires descending upon them, and that was how he intended to keep it.
There would be plenty of time for that after his task was done. Within a few minutes the
mice and dingo’s were back with the news that that had found three separate entrances
into the rock face of different sizes. Their detailed account of what they had found was
enough for Phil to make up his mind without any hesitation.
There were three entrances into the rock face that were covered by trees and plants.
Not easily seen with the naked eye. Each entrance was different in size and would allow
for the animals to quickly get out of the area they were in. One of the Owls from earlier
had been circling around and descended rapidly. He confirmed what Phil already knew.
The fire was virtually upon them, they had no time. As quick as he could Phil shouted
instructions to the animals to follow the mice and dingo’s quickly and without panic to
the various openings. He explained which size creatures were to go to which opening.
Once he was comfortable they understood he darted off to the largest of the openings
that would allow for him to enter. He needed to get inside to survey the path and to
ensure they had light.