Phil was the first one to pass through the large opening. He had his flashlight in hand
and immediately went to work looking around to see where the path led them. It moved
off narrowly for about two hundred metres and then joined with the other two paths
that the medium and small creatures were using to get to safety. The paths all joined in
an open area the same size as the small lake outside. Phil felt his heart beat slower and
he calmed down, this would at least buy them some time to gather themselves and send
out a few scouts before they had to move on. Phil knew they needed to move on, he
had a feeling that they needed to stay ahead of the fire coming in from the West for
some reason, and he knew to trust his feelings. He gave instruction for the animals to
gather and rest for a little while. Most of them were still filing in but the instruction
found all of them by way of bush telegraph.
There was a steady stream of water coming down the eastern wall of the open area and
many of the animals were taking turns to fill up on water. Phil thought this to be a
move and he proceeded to drink two bottles of water and then fill them up again and
secure them in his backpack. He pulled out some dried meat and ate a quick few bites
before moving over to a pair of moles who were huddled in a dark corner. A swarm
fire flies were helping with the lighting of the space but they seemed to know not to go
near the moles. Phil switched off his flashlight, waited a few seconds for his eyes to
adjust and then spoke to the moles and asked them if they would be willing to do some
scout work while everyone gathered.
They seemed as eager to please as the mice were. He explained to them what he
wanted them to look for and sent them on their way. Over the next half hour the whole
place was packed with all sorts of animals, the most confusion was being caused by the
birds. Phil took steps to ensure they remained calm. He didn’t slow down or take a
breather, he didn’t want to be distracted by the unbelievable situation he was in. He
sent a quick ping to John and moved over to the crocodiles to prepare to move out. He
just didn’t know where or in which direction.