PART 2 Chapter 15:
It took John quite a while to adjust to what had happened but the crying of the children
in front of him brought him round very quickly. Their ages ranged from about 8 to 12 he
guessed, although there was one particularly small child that didn’t look over 6 years old.
There was pandemonium within the twenty plus strong group. It was as if they had just
been stumbling down the mountainside blindly not following anyone. They almost went
straight past him before they saw him. A few of the kids gathered around him still
moving quickly and all in a panic. A few of them started babbling incomprehensively as
they closed in on John who must have looked older then he was because of his size. He
seized the moment. “QUIET! EVERYONE QUIET!!”.It didn’t work, it wasn’t loud enough.
John whistled at the loudest he could possibly go followed by a booming “SHUT UP!!!”
This got their attention.
They all stared at him blankly. John knew he had to act fast or they would slip into a
panic again. “Everyone sit down now, just find a place and sit down!” They again just
stared at him. He thought for a moment and then felt what they were all thinking.
“Don’t worry,” he said, “the major shocks have passed, there will be no more for now, it
is safe to sit down.” He spoke with complete confidence and conviction because he
completely believed what he had just said. How, he didn’t know, he just did. The group
accepted his word and his
authority and they all sat. The younger kids seemed to have
been dealing with their shock immediately and were still crying, with the older children
it seemed only to set in once they sat down. A few of them went pale, one of them
passed out and most of them also started to cry.
John moved over to the young girl who passed out. She was lying on the grass between
two younger looking boys who had tear streaked faces. “You, hold her head in your lap
like this,” John showed him. “Take of her boots and rub her
feet with her socks on,
understood?” he asked them both. They nodded and were grateful to have something