“Our troop leaders quickly got us all together under an overhang, they were throwing us
in one by
one. When the last of us were in they took a step back to see if we were all
there when the boulder crashed down on them. It was the size of a truck. We didn’t see
them or hear them, we just knew they were…….” He turned and ran off to the grass
path and began to heave. John could feel their shock and their pain. He had to do
something to get them to focus on what needed to be done. He had to give them hope.
He took a few steps back and closed his eyes. He focused on the group connection he
had come to know
on the island. He searched it for any signs of activity. After a few
moments he noticed a knot of energy that felt familiar. He focused on it and literally
banged on it as if banging on a door.
“We hear you loud and clear John, can you hear us?” came a voice from within.
“Yes, who are you?” he asked.
“We were on the island with you, we are an extraction team and a medical team, we are
here to help you get the group of kids out safely, you need to get them to us do you
understand?” replied the voice.
“Okay, where are you?” he asked.
“The landscape has changed a bit because of the quake, but as far as we can tell we are
about 60 kilometres to your south, we have been camping out here for a while getting
ready for something, and now we know for what. Kayla just told us you would be
bringing a group of kids to us. Our area wasn’t hit too badly by the quake so the
transport has survived, albeit just. Can you get to us?”
John thought about it. Visions of the map came into his mind and he ran through the
various routes south. He also ran through the areas that would be worst hit by the