John had assembled all the wounded into one area, they totalled seven. Katherine and
two other boys helped John. The rest of the group
crowded together on John’s
instruction to pool whatever items they had managed to salvage in the chaos.
John connected with the extraction and medical teams and gave them a status report.
He got specific detailed instructions for each of the wounded and
dealing with one at a
time relayed instructions to his helpers on what to do. It ranged from dressing the
wounds to building splints for the broken bones. Luckily one of the girls had been in
charge of the first aid kit for the group and she had managed to keep the rugged
backpack with her through the ordeal. In it they found most of what they needed,
including painkillers that didn’t make you drowsy and wound glue for the boy with the
gash on his arm.
They were set in no time and with a batch of sugar water going round the group seemed
to be getting out of shock mode and moving quite steadily from complete panic to a
mild state of panic. As he suspected, the wounded started to feel the full force of their
injuries and the moans and groans echoed through
the eerily quiet woods. The
painkillers would set in any moment thought John as he moved around the group one
last time to make sure everyone had received treatment where needed. The items that
were salvaged included flashlights, an axe, water, some dried
food items, lighters and a
few MP3 players. They put everything into one backpack and gave it to one of the
younger girls to carry.
He received instructions from the extraction team on the best possible way to sled the
two girls out with them. John enlisted the help of Michael and two other bigger boys to
build the sleds. With their instructions embedded they set off to work. They used the
limbs from some of the fallen trees and the axe from the pile of items that they had
pooled together. Just when John
thought things were looking up he heard the ominous
sound of thunder rolling in the distance. He needed to act quickly. There would be a lot