John had to contend with a lot of moaning and groaning from the group, it wasn't easy
going at all. Apart from the fact that he had so much on his mind it was very difficult for
him to stay focused on getting to the first in a series of checkpoints that he had set for
them in order to break the journey into bite size achievable chunks. They stopped a
number of times to ensure that medication was dispersed to those who needed it and
also to catch their breath and make sure everyone was accounted for. The hardest thing
was the fear within the younger of the kids, it was like
a virus and it was spreading
rapidly. The more John tried to counteract it with positivity and verbal reassurance the
worse he made it, these kids just weren't buying it. While they rested at a stop about
three hours into their first leg he had the thought to search inside again, but this time
not to connect to the rescue team but to rather listen to his own tune. and get some
advice. He told Michael he was just going to go up ahead to make sure they were in the
right spot and asked him to take the lead, he would only be a few minutes.
John found a quiet spot behind a tree that had fallen against a bigger tree and rested
against it. He focused within himself. He found his own tune and he immediately felt his
energy levels go up. Once he was in full grip of
his own energy he asked for help, any
help, that would calm the group down and bring them reassurance until they reached
safety, even if they weren't to reach safety, then just enough calm for them to move
through to their next state peacefully. He waited
in anticipation which he soon realized
was not the way to go, and so he completely let go of all expectation and accepted that
help would arrive as and when it was needed. He sent out a ping of gratitude and
prepared to move back to where the group were waiting. It was then that a flash of
green light found its way to him and he received some instruction.
"Identify yourself, threat or non-threat, you must do so now," said a peaceful but strong