stepped forward and grasped her hand, maybe a little too eager and with a bit more
force than intended. I tripped over my foot and fell right towards her. With the agility of
a cat Kim stepped aside and let go of my hand just in time to see me fumble to the
ground. I recovered quickly and turned with both cheeks flaming red.
Everyone was laughing
and Kayla came over to check I was okay. There was nothing else
to do but to join in the laughter, it broke the tension a bit and Kim at least smiled a
golden smile at me that made everything seem okay. She too had dark skin like her
father but hers was more natural.
“I don’t mean to break up this little reunion, you will have plenty of time to catch up
tonight but we must find our seats” Kayla said. George and Dad obeyed without
question. We navigated down the embankment through the other Pelicans and came to
a stop a couple of metres in front of the stage. “You two come sit here by me, we will be
spending quite some time together so we might as well start now” Kayla said to Kim and
I. I looked at Dad who gave me a reassuring wink, the one he gives me to let me know I
don’t have to worry. Kim and I sat next to Kayla whilst Dad and George sat together and
immediately started in whispered conversation.
A young patchy, brown and weathered Pelican came bobbing towards us with wooden
tray laden with several pineapple and coconut drinks. “Hey Kayla” he said out of breath
“given any thought to my earlier proposal?”
“I have and the answer is still the same you mangy miscreant. Stop bothering me and
give these two something to drink will you” her tone was firm but
there was an
undercurrent of a smile and a slight pitch to her voice that I had not detected before.
“Oh you’ll come to your senses one day, they always do” he winked and turned his
attention to us. “Right” he said looking at me “you must be Kim, and” turning his head