Immediately and without hesitation he said "friend." He thought about his good friend
Matthew and his story back on the island where he got caught in the woods, and he
"How may we be of service" said the voice as it probed at him to determine if what he
had said about being a friend was correct. He felt the presence accept his status. He
didn't want to know what would happen if he wasn't accepted as a friend.
"I need to calm the group I am travelling with," John said, " and we need some light if it
is possible please" he added. There was a long pause and John began to worry he was
imagining the whole thing. The voice returned.
"We can help you," it replied, "we are the trees and we will work with you to provide a
low light to move by, the light will
also soothe your companions. May we begin now?" it
"By all means," he replied.
"Good, now show me where you are headed so we may send instructions," John felt the
energy probe him again and he fought off a knee jerk reaction to block it. He felt it look
directly into the part of his mind that had been planning their escape root.
"Can you tell me if the way we are going is the best and safest way for us" he asked
"That is not something we can tell you as it is a judgement you have placed on your
situation. We can tell you it is the fastest way for you to travel to your desired
destination, but we can also tell you that this will change soon," came the reply. John
didn't bother trying to figure any of it out, he knew how theses things worked and trying