have his work cut out for him to get them all across. He also knew the strong arm tactics
he would need to employ to get some of them across.
"There is a cable crossing down that way a bit," John pointed to the north. He just
hoped it was still there after the quakes, he also hoped it was still stable. "We will need
to make a harness to carry the younger ones across, the rest of us will by doing the old
over hand motion as we buckle in and skirt across," he thought this would ease the
tension a bit, but for some the mere height itself was too much to handle for some of
them. The mumbling girl was close to tears, John ushered them all back to the rest of
the group and into the green glow. They calmed down a bit but there eyes were still
wild and filled with fear. They had to move and they had to move now. He wanted to set
up camp on the other side of the ravine and give them a couple of hours sleep before
they moved out again.
John again enlisted the help of Michael who was becoming more and more willing to
step up and help out. He explained the plan of action which was to have himself go
across, scout for a location for a camp, check the cable to see if it will hold and then get
Michael across. Then have the group traverse one at a time and as they got across, issue
them with tasks to set up a make shift camp. Michael nodded. They left the group in the
hands of the older kids and moved to the site where the cable was. John let out a sigh of
relief as he saw that it was still there and seemed to be intact.
They removed a couple of belts that they had in the backpack and made a makeshift
harness for John. Before he got onto the cable he told Michael that if anything
happened to him they were to remain exactly where they were until otherwise
instructed. Before he could get a response he latched onto the cable and began to
slowly move across the ravine. He got twenty meters in and stopped and sent out a ping
to the extraction team about what he was doing and that if he didn't make they would
have to send someone in. He didn't even wait for a response. He had a flashlight in his