mouth and he moved slowly forward. The cable creaked and moved up and down a lot.
It felt loose and John had no way of knowing how long it would last and on what state it
was in. He preferred not to know. If he could get across and back safely then he would
be happy to get going.
It took him five minutes of hair-raising manoeuvring to get across, he was very grateful
that he could not see how high up he was, the sound of the running water below did
give some indication though. He dismounted and immediately unpacked the supplies to
set up camp. He left it all behind as well as the flint.
John had instructed Michael to start
a small fire immediately as he got across. He marked the area with a flare, which would
last for about fifteen minutes. He then made his way back across the cable and set up a
very nervous Michael in the belt harness and told him to hold tight and keep moving.
Within ten minutes he was across and setting the camp. John made his way back to the
group. On his way he asked the trees to help keep the kids calm as they realized they
would have to move across a cable over a water carved ravine that if they fell into
would be the end of them.
He got back to find one of the girls had already begun to weave a harness out of canvass
strapping that they had and had hooked it up to a mountaineering clip that would hold
the weight of an elephant. John let out a sigh of relief. One less thing for him to worry
As there were twenty four kids in the group, of which eight were old enough to take one
of the younger ones across, but Michael was already setting up on the other side so it
was seven on this side, which left him with nine kids to Shepard across. He considered
his options and saw that of the nine kids, three of them were old enough to go across on
their own and that left six that he would have to take across. He didn't want any of the
other older kids risking injury and so he knew to take them across himself. He called the
older kids over one at a time and explained what was going to happen and that each