one of them was to silently select a child to take across. He then explained he would
take the remaining ones across and that they were to keep them all in one group so no
one got scared.
The green glow was still working its magic which comforted him somewhat. John
gratefully took the harness from Jesse, the girl who made
it and went to test it. It
worked like a charm but John was still concerned about the tension of the line. He went
back to the group and selected one of the small kids he was going to take across and
one of the ten year old kids who would have to move across on his own. They had no
idea what was going on and John made the decision to prepare each child individually
for what was going to happen. That way the was no time for them to get nervous or
scared, they would just have to suck it up and get on with it.
He got to the ravine crossing with the two kids and explained to younger one what was
going to happen, her eyes were as wide as plates but John did not give her any time to
think about it. The darkness was still covering the depth and width of the problem which
worked in his favour. He got into the harness and put the younger one on his lap and
strapped her in. It was all in all a very tight and well worked harness, he was very
impressed. He then issued instruction to the boy that if he was not back in ten minutes
he was to go back to the group and inform the older kids he had not returned. He left
him his watch to time with.
The boy was wide eyed with fear and John sent out a silent request for the trees to help
him while he was traversing the ravine. A
light green glow extended out of the tree line
and around the boys feet which were firmly planted in a wad of moss. He seemed to
calm down but not by a lot, just enough to give John comfort to continue. The girl was
holding on for dear life and had her head buried in his neck, it made it difficult to pull
along, but he managed quite well and in no time they were across and he handed her
over to Michael. She began to cry as soon as she got across, which was good, at least