she was letting it out. Michael ushered her over to the fire he had started behind a
massive boulder which he was using to pitch the huge tent around. John was very
impressed to see the kids making good use of all their survival training. Michael
explained that the fire was behind the huge boulder so as to shield it from the other side
of the ravine so that the group would not see how far they had to go and cause
unnecessary tension. John was again impressed with Michael’s awareness.
John made his way back and the boy on the other side let out a sigh of relief. He began
to turn to head back to the rest of the group when John grabbed his shoulder and
explained that he would need to go across now. The boy turned and the panic on his
face said it all, John even saw his face turn pale in the darkness. John explained the
simple mechanics of what need to be done. He also explained that a rope had now been
attached from the other side and Michael would be gently pulling him along, so all he
needed to do was keep the gloves on the cable and keep the harness stable by feeding
the cable through his hands. It meant he would be pulled along backwards with his
hands over his head. The boy was reluctant to do it. It was at that point that John
explained that the safety of the entire group on this side depended on him getting
across now. If he did not do it then the whole operation was in jeopardy and precious
time would be wasted.
John felt slightly bad laying the guilt trip on the boy but it worked. He sucked in his fear
and John strapped him into the harness tightly and then gently lowered him so that his
full weight was being supported. He gave the rope a tug to let Michael know to pull him
across and then grabbed hold of the rope he had attached from his side so that he could
pull the harness back. The boy kept as still as he could but he still bounced up and down
as he was pulled across and out of sight. After a few minutes he felt the tug on the rope
and he rapidly pulled the harness back towards him. He had an anxious moment when
the harness got tangled up a bit on the cable but with some strong pulling he managed