to get it loose and back to his side. He made a mental note to make sure he exercised a
little more patience next time.
He made his way back to the group and completed the exercise two more times which
took care of three of the young kids and all three of the ten year old kids. Each case was
similar in terms of fear and anxiety but with each one John sharpened his negotiating
skills and managed to get them all across to safety. After the last
of the ten year olds
was across John went back and selected one at a time the three youngest kids that he
needed to help across. They were all still in some form of shock as to what had
happened. He got them all across and after the last one he spent a bit of time on the
other side helping Michael get the kids settled in.
The tent was up and well sheltered, the fire was working brilliantly and a huge pile of
leaves and brush which he had covered with a cut off piece of the tent material served
as a comfortable place for the smaller kids to rest in warmth for a little while. Food was
given out to those who were hungry and some candy bars provided an extra level of
comfort. John noticed that the green glow was around the new site and the more time
he spent there the more he wanted to stay in the warmth and comfort of the camp area.
He made a note not to immerse himself in any of it until all the kids were safely in the
hands of the extraction team.
He made his way back to the others and got three of the biggest kids to accompany their
younger counterparts across the ravine. He gave instructions for two of them to receive
the two injured girls who would be travelling across with someone as well. It was
difficult to get them strapped in and stable, but with enough manoeuvring and with the
help of the working pain killers, they made it across without incident. It left just one girl
and one boy to get across. The boy’s name was James and he was taking seven year old
Michelle across with him.