end came loose and dropped. John held on as he propelled downwards in an arc and
smashed into the rack face head first. He felt the warm trickle of blood down his face.
He had entangled himself in a dead tree on a very narrow ledge and managed to get out
the belt just in time. He heard the cable come whizzing down past his head as the other
side came free from the rock face. The bolting mechanism missed his head by an inch.
He shouted to the top that he was okay. The strain from the shouting was too much.
Everything went black and he passed out.
PART 2 Chapter 16:
Phil was happy that everyone was now in the cavern. The moles had returned from their
scouting mission and had informed him that they would be able to navigate through the
caves and tunnels but to a place they had never been before so they had no idea how to
explain it to him in a way that he could pinpoint on a map or anything like that. They just
told him that it was a long way away and it was the only way to get away from the
raging fires above. Luckily the path they wanted to take was linked by a series of caverns
similar to this one that would give them opportunity to gather and rest and if anyone
fell behind they would be able to catch up. Phil trusted the moles, he sensed they could
feel the layout of their environment for many many kilometres ahead. They sent out
energy pulses that came back almost immediately, a lot like a
sonar, but more direct
and more in tune with the earth. It was amazing that they were even able to tell him
that there was enough water along the way to make sure everyone got what they
needed in the way they needed it.
Phil was not happy with not knowing where it was they were headed and he knew that
asking would not help because he was assured by his trusty scouts that there was no
other was to go. He trusted that they would end up in safety somewhere and he also
knew they had to keep moving as there were many dangers if they stayed put. Phil knew
with animals that he had only a small window of time before they would start to trust
their natural instincts to flee out into the open again and that would lead to their instant