deaths. There was also a danger
of a stampede in the confined space of the caves that
would end up in a nightmare and probably have them all perish in the belly of mother
earth. No, he knew they needed to be lead to safety and he needed to keep a handle on
the situation. He would not be
here if it was not of utmost importance that these
animals were saved from the fury of the flames roaring above them.
Phil used a comparison exercise to determine from his scouts how far the next cavern
was and how many of them there were likely to be. Moles did not understand night and
day as many of the surface dwelling animals did. He needed to find out what their idea
of time was so he asked them about how they rest. He sat with them in silence for five
minutes and asked how many of those they would sleep for. Their answer was ten. He
then asked how many of their sleeps would it take to get to the next cavern. The answer
was about fifteen, which equated to about twelve or so hours. That was a long time,
especially for animals. He immediately sprang into action. He enlisted the help of the
crocodiles to split the crowded space in to three groups again, the same way they
entered into the caves.
The crocodiles respected him more and more as he barked orders at them. Phil had
noticed that with the crocodiles, even though they had to be asked if they would be
willing to assist, once they were willing, they respected a good dose of militaristic style
order, it made them feel safe. Phil noticed that the larger animals were feeling more and
more afraid as time
passed because they we're not used to being underground and in
confined spaces with a full range of other animals. The confusion was enough to drive
anyone in the same situation insane.
He immediately sent the small group off with one of the scouts and issued him with
instructions to lead them to the next cavern. He then got three more moles to bring up
the rear of the group and carry messages to the group that will be behind them. He told
them they would not be more than a quarter of a sleep behind, which was about ten to