to Kim “you must be Matthew” he winked at us and both. “Heard great things about you
both, glad to have you with us” he held out his hand to Kim, as she went to shake it he
withdrew “too slow my dear, here take this instead” and with lightning fast speed
deposited a coconut drink in her hand before she could withdraw, he winked. Again
with lightning quick speed he sidled up to me and whispered “I’d keep my eye on this
one pal, she’s a keeper” he laughed and thrust a pineapple drink into my hand.
“Okay that’s enough fun and games Jet, leave us be, the ceremony is about to begin”
said Kayla and she spread her wings. Jet moved away, his laugh mixing in with the rest
of the crowd as he spread his drinks and joy around. Kim and I looked at each other and
“My drink has a shade of blue in it that I am not particularly interested in trying, would
you like to swap?” she asked me. I looked down into my drink and it was a shade of pink
that I was not too interested in trying myself.
“It seems that Jet may have gotten our drinks mixed up” I offered her the pineapple
drink and took the coconut one. We looked at each other and took a sip. It was an
amazingly refreshing fruit juice that had a hint of what can only be described as “shade”
in it. I immediately cooled down from the inside. I could see from Kim’s expression that
her drink was equally refreshing and delicious, a welcome retreat from the sun.
PART 1: Chapter 3
A very young Pelican bobbed out onto the stage in front of us and
spoke in a voice clear
and delicate. “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Mrs Braby's First Wing class
rendition of our beloved Crane Anthem with added dancing for your pleasure.” There