Phil saw a few still bodies lying on the floor where the group left from, there were three
rabbits, a small deer, a handful of rats and mice. He went over to inspect and found that
they had perished. He contemplated their lifeless forms for a moment and then stepped
back and removed himself from the situation. He waited for a few more seconds and
then looked over at the crocodiles. They looked at him and he nodded. They moved
over to dispose of the carcasses. Phil thought it would be
more wild and primitive than
what it was but there seemed to be a high level of respect amongst all the creatures in
the cavern. The crocodiles sent the young and females in to feed. They did so quietly
and in a way that did not scare any of the other members of the group.
When they were done they invited one of the moles in to remove the smaller carcasses
and take them to group up ahead so that the hungry in that group may feed. The level
of care and sharing astounded Phil. What was more he had no doubt
that many of the
creatures in their group would perish on their journey and that it was their purpose, to
feed those who were hungry. He could not think of any higher calling and it seemed that
those who fed on the fallen knew exactly how important a role
they played in their
survival. Phil vowed never to forget this moment, it was a profound moment.
They hung around for ten or so minutes and Phil issued the order to move out just as
the mole who carried the food to the group ahead of them returned. Phil was worried
that the moles might not have the stamina to continue their current high level of output,
but he was surprised at just how strong and determined the little creatures were. He
smiled as he moved out with the crocodiles, some wild horses and a host of other larger
creatures. The comical moles were scurrying ahead to lead the way. It was cramped and
low in many places but the going was pretty easy compared to what it could have been
like. Many of the places where there was water streaming down the walls had large
drops down the side that if they weren't careful they could easily have slipped and fell
down a crevice or crack that only the earth knew how deep it went. The fireflies were