string, it was very still and very quiet. Surely he wasn't sleeping, who would send out a
ping of pain in their sleep? He examined his brother’s tune and energy string a little
more for clues. John was passed out. Phil's heart nearly stopped. He felt a wave of panic
run through him. He could tell that his brother was also in a lot of pain. He had no idea
what to do, this made the panic worsen considerably. He wanted to wake John up but
he didn't know if it was the right thing to do. What if he was passed out because the
pain he was in was too much to handle? What if waking him up would cause him more
harm? He just sat in his space and stared at the traces of his brother waiting for
something to happen.
Phil began to fall more and more into his brothers
state without even knowing it. He had
slid down the wall and was now sitting on the cold floor. The fireflies had backed further
and further away as they sensed him slipping. It was pitch black. Phil was skirting on the
edge of consciousness, drifting between being fully awake and passed out. He was
looking for his brother. He found him, eventually, dazed and confused. Phil rushed his
energy towards his brothers glimmer of consciousness. He surrounded John and gave
him an energy hug. John responded immediately by rousing out of his state, recognizing
his brothers presence. Phil was back into consciousness now and pulling his brother with
him. The fire flies returned and he began to pull himself together.
It was difficult for Phil to get John to come with him. At first he had to pull him along but
the more he pulled the more his brother came to. He focused on his tune and made it
louder and directed it at John. He even went so far as to get it to shake John’s tune out
of its current lullaby type state and into a more awake tempo. After a few minutes Phil
felt comfortable speaking to John directly and asked him a question.
"Can you hear me? What the hell happened?"