John’s energy did the equivalent of a long groan, like that of someone who had been
knocked out and then woken up only to be in immense pain. "That's exactly what
happened" came a disjointed reply. "I was busy helping out here and I flew into a cliff
face attached to a cable, exactly like you think, exactly like you would see on television
and with
the same sound effects," he replied.
"Holy crap brother, I leave you alone for one minute and you collapse in a heap of
crumbled bones and flesh," he tried to joke but it didn't come out right. "People or
animals?" Phil asked.
"People, and they seem a bit worried about me, I can hear them shouting for me, hold
on, I better answer," John said. His energy withdrew for a second as he sent word to the
rest of the group he was with that he was alive and needed a couple of minutes and
then returned his attention to his brother.
"How long have you been out?" Phil asked.
"About half an hour," he replied. "It was quite a moment, I got my makeshift harness off
just as the rest of the cable came loose and crashing down, it just missed my head."
"Well you're awake
now at least. How far down are you? Can you get out easy enough,
do you have rope and help?" Phil asked.
"Yes, on all counts," he answered.
"Well what are you waiting for, you better get back to it," Phil replied with a sense of
relief. He prepared to withdraw and get back to his own mission, but John held him in
place. "Lets not dilly dally brother, best we get back to it. Mine are animals and they will
annihilate each other if I don't get back," he said impatiently.