"Indeed," said John, "I just wanted to tell you that I cracked a glow stick to cast some
light on my situation and I am busy waving it in front of my eyes."
"Good thinking bro, I gotta go," Phil started to pull away.
"It's just I can't see anything brother, I think the fall and knock on my
head has knocked
my sight out, temporarily I hope, but nonetheless I can't see a damn thing," he said as
coolly and as nonchalantly as possible, but his tone gave away the fact the he was very
scared indeed. Phil went pale.
"You sure, maybe it's just dark and you can't see" Phil said trying to hope that the
situation was different,
"You know that's not the case bro, I can't see the glow stick. At least the guys up top can,
which means I don't have too much climbing to do, besides, I think I will be able to find
some help here" John said. "And I also think your part in waking me up has been
completed, so you should get back to your thing and I will get back to mine," there was
a finality in his voice that Phil knew all too well. This conversation was over and there
was nothing he could do about it.
"Ok then, just keep in touch and good luck bro," was all he could say.
"Cool, will do, take it easy and let me know when you're out," he said as John withdrew
his energy. Phil was left sitting with his back up against the wall in a dark cave. After a
few minutes and after he accepted that things were as they were and he should be
grateful that his brother was okay for the most part, the fire flies moved off. They
sensed he had finished doing what he needed to do. He acknowledged their efforts and
was grateful. He stood up and made his way to catch up to the group. He said a silent
prayer for his brother and refocused his attention to his task at hand.