As he made his way through the twisting turning path that led him towards the next
cavern and deeper and deeper into the mountain he was struck by just how bizarre
what he was doing was. Luckily he didn't have a lot of time to get caught up in the whole
thought process as one of the trusty helper moles stopped him in
his tracks. If he could
illustrate it for anyone it would be almost as if the mole was standing there, leaning up
against the wall, arms folded, foot tapping and a look on his face saying 'what took you
so long, do you know how long I have been waiting?' It was very funny.
He escorted Phil to the cavern where the three groups had gathered. The size of the
area was barely big enough to house them all and Phil was already thinking on how to
get them moving again. The larger animals needed to rest but the smaller ones
indicated that they could keep moving. The information coming from the moles was
that the third cavern was even smaller than this one and that the distance between the
third and fourth caverns was approximately twenty hours. Phil found a spot near a small
pool of water that the animals were drinking from where he could sit and consider his
options. The next smaller cavern was only five hours away and according to his scouts it
was fairly easy going. It was the fourth bigger cavern that would prove to be a bit
trickier for the other animals. Phil was very grateful for the fireflies that were providing
the light needed. He knew that having all the animals assemble in one area for too long
could pose problems regarding air and the like. After some consideration he made the
decision to send the first group of smaller creatures off to the third cavern immediately.
They were quite happy to scuttle, slither and fly off as if it were the most natural thing in
the world.
Phil still had to provide specific
and detailed instructions to the group that they could all
understand and follow. The collective intelligence was strong but animals were not built
to be free thinkers and without the safety of forced structure they would try and get to
the surface and probably end up dead, one way or the other. Phil went to speak with
the moles who had gathered at the far end of the cavern by the path that led out. He