was still surprised at how animated and colourful they were, almost like very naughty
but very clever children.
He asked them if they were able to sense what things were like on the surface and just
how far into the earth they were. After some murmurings amongst themselves and
sending one of their own down the tunnel and back they had an answer for Phil. It was
still hot and burning up top which was a couple of hundred meters in the direction of up.
Phil knew this by asking the moles how many of their own body lengths they were under
the surface. Each mole was about sixty centimetres in length. They surmised that if they
stacked three hundred of their own selves on top of each other they would reach the
surface. This whole way of calculating things was so simple it made Phil laugh.
As it stood the surface still was not safe. On top of that the next two caverns took them
deeper in and the moles were not able to tell if there was a way out other than the way
they came in. The moles were not able to feel through water too well and they were
also getting feedback that the paths that did lead to the top were tiny at best. Phil
decided that they needed to go on. He trusted completely in his earlier guidance. He
also knew that he needed to get them moving.
He separated the two remaining groups to create the sense of some space. He informed
each group that they would
be moving out together in four hours. He explained it to
them in terms of the length of time it took to get to their current location. They seemed
to understand it quite well. They all settled for some rest quite nicely. There were no
incidents and the few animals that passed were quickly used to feed the hungry.
The remaining moles patrolled up and down in turns. Phil was comforted by their efforts
and found a space between the two groups and lay down. He ate some of the dried food
he had brought with, had some water and then closed his eyes. It felt literally like he
had just drifted off when he was woken by one of the moles telling him it was time to