move out. Phil was disoriented and crabby from having to be woken up so tired. There
was nothing like inadequate rest to make someone realize just how tired they actually
were. It took him a while to get his things together. He wolfed down a chocolate bar to
give him some energy. Within seconds he had a line of animals sniffing at him looking
for their own share of sweet snack. Phil sighed and handed out some chocolate chip
cookies and pieces of chocolate to the animals who he knew could safely have some.
There were no animals in the line who were not allowed to eat chocolate, which made it
Within twenty minutes the medium group left and fifteen minutes after that the larger
group was off as well. They reached the first cavern within the five hours and had a
short stop to fuel up on water. They were all well aware that the next move would be
twenty hours. They had received word from ahead that the smaller group had upped
their pace and were nearing the bigger cavern. The mole that had come to deliver the
message remained behind with the largest group as the middle group moved off. He
was grateful to be
resting but approached Phil quietly as they waited. He told him that
there were a few problems up ahead for the larger animals. It was mainly to do with
space, there were a few tight passages and he did not know if the wild horses would fit.
Phil didn't know what to do. There were three adult wild horses and three fowls, the
adults were the biggest of the larger animals.
Phil instructed the mole to keep quiet about it but as they neared the area he was
talking about to give him a sign. He would lead the horses to the back of the pack at that
moment and see how to deal with the situation. Phil knew that there was no going back
for any of them, they had to move forward, it was their only option. He had a bad
feeling about it but he knew there was no other option. He rallied the group and did a
quick assessment to ensure he was still considered the non-threat guide for all the
animals. Some of them appeared stressed and anxious but none of them had crossed