back into their wild side and viewed him as their next meal. If anything they relied on
him more than ever as they knew he was their only way out.
They moved out. Phil made sure all the water bottles were full and shook his kinetic
torch for a few minutes. He would need it when he had to deal with the horses at the
narrow sections up ahead. The going for the first few hours was relatively easy but as
they neared the third hour the turf they were treading on became very loose. It made it
difficult going especially since the two herds before them had churned up the dirt so
much. Within minutes there was also a thick dust hanging in the air and it became
harder and harder to breathe. The herd thinned out naturally, the crocodiles slithering
upfront with Phil and the horses bringing up the rear.
The walls had been narrowing in from all directions gradually as they went on and as
they neared the nine hour mark they came to a section that each animal had to pass
through one at a time. It was at that point that the mole who had been leading the
group came back and gave Phil the signal that they had come to the spot where he
would have to make the decision about the horses. It took about fifteen minutes for the
animals ahead of them to get through. He could hear the grunting and squeezing going
on up ahead and it seemed that the horses noticed this as well. They became skittish
and anxious as they neared the narrowing ahead of them. Phil told them to remain
where they were as he went up ahead to inspect the section they needed to pass
through. The mole had said that on the other side it opened up enough for all of them
to pass through easily enough until they reach the big cavern.
Phil had to go down on his hands and knees and as he went further on he knew that
even the foals might not make it through. The adult horses would most definitely not
make it through. He stopped and closed his eyes. He wanted to ask for help, he wanted
to have the tunnel open up and let them all through. He wanted to get out. He felt his
chest tighten and claustrophobia start to set in. A tear rolled down his cheeck. He knew