was loud applause and everyone quietened down as twelve very young little Pelican’s
came onto the stage in single file.
The hushed silence was broken by the flapping of thunderous wings as a massive Pelican
swooped down from above and landed on the stage right in front of the younger ones. It
must have been Mrs Braby herself, she had the presence of a school teacher, and she
even had on a pair of glasses. Clutched in her hand, the presence of which still startled
me slightly, was a thin conductor stick. She cleared her throat, tapped the stick on the
ground and then raised it, ready to start. As she moved the stick slowly up and down the
choir of little Pelican’s began. They sang beautifully, more so than any choir I had ever
heard. It was as if their voices were floating in the air leaving magic trails of colour
behind them.
Kim was also taken aback by how beautiful they sounded, we were both swaying from
side to side without realising it. The song was about a young Pelican who flew away
from home in search of adventure and excitement only to return many years later to
realise all the things he was looking for were right in front of him at his birth place, all he
had to do was open his eyes. The words of the song were not important though. The
way it was sang was all that was important. In fact if the song had been in an
unidentifiable language I think I would still have known what it was about.
It is as if the melody was used to communicate what was being said and that even if it
hummed it would make sense. It was truly amazing and when they stopped I
jumped up clapping as if I were applauding the world’s greatest musician. I looked
around and realised I was the only one on my feet, everyone was looking at me with big
smiles on their faces. I immediately turned bright red and promptly sat down. Kim put a
reassuring hand on my leg and whispered “I was just about to jump up and clap too,
thanks for saving me.”