what he had to do. He hated seeing animals go through trauma and as brave as he was
the happenings of the past few days were catching up to him. He gritted his teeth and
went forward. There would be time later to break down, not now.
The narrow bit was about two hundred meters long. It opened up at the end but it was
rough going on his hands and knees. Phil got to the end and had a quick word with one
of the crocodiles and the lead mole. They all three made their way back through to
where the horses were. Phil had cuts on his hands and knees but he didn't feel it. He
was concentrating on the task at hand. When he got back he found that the adult horses
had been communicating with their young and before Phil could even say anything they
sent the foals through. The lead mole sprang into action and gave them interactions on
where to go and how to tread. They had to scoot through on their knees, it was
awkward but it might work. A few fireflies lit the way. After a few minutes they were out
of sight and navigating the two-hundred metre course.
Phil turned his attention to the horses. They understood what was happening. They
were probably the most intelligent creatures in the herd. Phil asked them what they
wanted to do since they were well aware that they would not make it through and going
back in itself was a gamble as they would have no idea how long they would have to
wait and could end up starving to death. After a brief discussion amongst themselves
they had decided on
a course of action. Two of them would return, one to the previous
cavern and one to the very first cavern. For all of them to lie where they were and
perish was of no use to anyone. One would remain behind and serve as a food source
for the herd. The remaining two would serve as food if they all needed to turn back. Phil
was astounded at the level of sacrifice each animal was willing to go through for the
herd. When he asked how they could make such a decision so coolly and calmly they
simply replied that it was the way it must be and to resist was not necessary as it would
only cause unwanted stress and trouble.