The largest male horse remained behind and the other two left. It was very clinical and
factual. Phil was the only emotional one. The crocodile had come to realize this in his
dealings with humans and so requested that Phil travel through to check on the foals
and once through to please send the Dingo's back so they can assist with portioning the
Phil rounded the bend in the tunnel when he heard the commotion. There was a short
squeal and a gurgling sound. It made Phil's blood run cold. He continued on until about
half way through the narrowest bit when he came upon the back end of one of the foals.
The third one was stuck. Phil found himself getting irritated with the whole station, it
was getting to be very difficult and the heat and stale oxygen was starting to fatigue him.
After assessing the situation for a few minutes Phil instructed the fowl to exhale all the
oxygen from her lungs and hold it like that for as long as she could. Phil gave an almighty
push from behind and with an extra heave that almost gave him an instant hernia she
made her way through and was able to continue her movement out.
Phil got a face full of baby horse gas and some manure on his feet for his efforts. The
laughing mole on the other end of the narrowing was not helping. Phil gave him orders
to send the Dingo's back to where the croc was and then led the three fowls off to the
front of the herd. He asked them if
they were aware of what had happened and they
indicated that they did. The adult horses had explained what was happening and only
one foal was a direct relation to the adult horses and she was coping a well as she could.
Loss for animals was different than that for humans, although it was a deeper
connection, they understood the nature of all things and could move into acceptance of
any given situation with relative ease. This is not to say that she wasn't still sad about
what had happened. She was just able to accept the sadness and move on quickly.
The mole returned and Phil issued instructions for him to lead the horses onwards. He
then made his way down the herd and told each of those who ate meat and were