hungry to remain behind, the rest were to follow the fowls and mole on to the next
cavern. Quite a number of the animals remained behind to feed on the horse meat the
Dingo's had quartered and dragged back through to the herd. There was plenty of meat
and it took a number of trips for all the bits to
come through. Phil had set aside a large
quantity for the two herds ahead of them. The quickest way to transport it would have
been with the foals but he thought it was too much to do to the poor creatures.
Although he knew deep down they would have done it without hesitation, he just didn't
think it was right.
With their permission and some rope he strapped large flanks of meat to the three
crocodiles. Phil was again amazed at the precision and accuracy of the Dingo's
quartering abilities. In the space of an hour they had managed to get as much meat off
the horse as was possible. Phil didn't go back to see what was left but he was pretty sure
it was just a slightly fleshy skeleton that remained. They set off in single file again and
the next eight hours passed without any incident other than the fact that the oxygen
seemed to get heavier and staler. By the time they neared to opening of the big cavern
Phil was exhausted, as were many of the animals, he didn't know how much longer they
would be able to go on like this.
His mood changed considerably when he entered into the big cavern. It was massive,
about the size of five rugby fields, very high, and in the middle was a lake the size of one
rugby field. The animals were all naturally assembled at the waters edge drinking in
their relative groups. The crocodiles wasted no time getting the meat off their backs and
they shot off into the water. Phil thought he heard laughter as they splashed out of sight.
There was some commotion as some of the starving smaller animals rushed towards the
meat. Phil simply stepped back and allowed nature to take its course in terms of eating
etiquette. While they were all busy he made his way over to the cave wall. It was
glowing a deep purple glow, the entire place was lined with amethyst. It was a massive
amethyst cavern, a stone Phil and his brother were very familiar with as it was their