Aunt’s favourite crystal. She was going to get a kick out of this. He made a mental note
to make sure he collected a few samples for her and to take some pictures on the
disposable camera he had with him.
The fireflies were creating the glow. They had all assembled out in the middle of the
lake where a small rocky purple island rose out of the water. Here their light entered
into a vein of amethyst that spread the light throughout the cavern. The vein extended
from the island down into the water and up the back wall where it spread into
thousands of veins which carried the concentrated light of the fireflies. It was simply
also decided that the water was too enticing and after curbing his natural aversion
to swimming in a lake with crocodiles he jumped in and made sure he soaked himself
down to the bone. This seemed to put a lot of other creatures at ease as they too
entered the water to freshen up, even the ones who had been there for almost ten
hours already.
He got out of the water feeling cleaner than he had for days. He also felt the weight of
the situation fall heavily upon him and he felt like the walking dead. The atmosphere in
the cavern was peaceful for now and Phil intended to make full use of the opportunity
to get some rest. He moved off into a small carved out section in the cave wall where
only a few small rabbits decided to make their resting place. It was perfect and large
enough for him to be on his own for a while. He put down his sleeping bag and sat down.
The ground beneath him was a fine sand and moulded very nicely to his body. After a
light meal of dried fruit and dried meat he gulped down about a litre of water and lay
down. He closed his eyes with all intention of dialling into his own tune and getting
some energy back, but as soon as his head hit his makeshift pillow he was already in