PART 2 Chapter 17:
John had wiped all the blood he could from his face. The group above him had seemed
to settle down according to Michael, who had taken charge up top. They were preparing
to send rope down so they could pull him up, but they weren't sure if there would be
enough as a lot of it went down with the cable and they couldn't tell if the rope was in
good condition. John was calm. He had dialled into his own tune and his surroundings
after he spoke with his brother. He surrendered to the unfortunate situation, time was
running out and he would have
to make the best of it.
He sat considering, in the dark, just how he would get the hundred or so metres up the
cliff face to the group in time to make sure they got to the extraction point. If he could
get past this bit then the rest was easy, they just had a long hike ahead of them over
some rough terrain, but the hard part was over. There was only the river they needed to
get down but if they could get out at first light they would have time to make rafts and
get to the point with time to spare. It was just getting up the cliff in the next couple of
hours and to also get some rest once up there that needed to happen.
"Not as difficult as you may think my child," came the familiar voice of Kayla as he
fiddled with the cowry bracelet on his arm. "I know what has happened here, we have
been tracking your progress with great interest and you are doing terrifically my child.
We all have our challenges we a facing at the moment," there was a racket going on in
the background. John was just about to ask where she was and what she was doing and
even if he could help.
"Bless you my child, but we are doing okay," she said, catching the thoughts before he
could verbalise them. "As for you though, just remember that no matter where
you are
or what you are doing on this wonderful planet, the are a million different energy strings
around you at any given moment, all you have to do is find the one that is best