positioned to help you," she said lovingly. "I have to get back to things here, are you
going to be okay?" she asked.
"Yes ma'am," he replied," I will indeed," he had a smile on his face, at least he hoped it
looked like a smile.
"Good, now get those kids out of there and get to safety, we will see you soon," and
with that she was gone.
Before he could even ask for help he felt a little scurry up his back and something
popped itself on his left shoulder. A squeaky voice came up right into his left ear. John
instinctively knew it to be the voice a gecko.
"No need to thank me mate, I can sense you in need of some help yeah, so what say you
let me get you up to your friends over there? We'll be up in no time," he said in a
conversational tone.
"You do know I am temporarily blind don't you?" John asked the little guy.
"You betcha I do, so you better well make sure you listen to me very carefully then
hey?" he responded. "Now stand up slowly with your back up against the cliff, you'll find
your backpack will be right by your feet, sling it on and we can get going."
John did as he was told and made sure he picked his bag up by bending his knees and
not leaning forward. His little gecko friend muttered in approval. "Drop your hands
down to your side and feel the cliff wall behind you, it's rough and full of roots. With the
hand on the
arm of the shoulder I am on, feel for a thick root sticking out just near the
top of your leg." John found the root. "Good, now follow it with your hand and very