slowly with your heels as close to the cliff face as possible start to move along with the
root. When it gets to the tree it is attached to stop and turn to face the cliff wall."
John did as he was told. He was anxious and a little nervous, but the emotions made him
feel alive and sharp. He quite enjoyed the adrenaline rush. His Aunt would kill him if she
knew what he was thinking right now. He got to the tree stump and slowly turned to
face the cliff wall.
"Now with both hands at the same height as your eyes feel for a root going up the cliff,
got it?" John nodded. "Now with your foot on my side of your body find a rock outcrop
at the same level as your knee, nod when you have your foot securely on it." It took
John a few minutes to get comfortable with the position of his foot, and confident he
was secure enough to put his weight on it. His sense of touch was heightened because
he had no sight which made him more aware of his actions. It was a blessing in disguise.
"Good, now go ahead and push yourself slowly up and with your other hand reaching as
far up and out as it can go grab onto a piece of the cliff that will hold you. There are a
few to choose from," the gecko instructed him. It became easier and easier a they went
along and with only a few scary moment where he lost his footing slightly, they made it
up to the top in well under an hour.
His arms were absolutely shattered from the effort
and he felt the burn all over his body when Michael hoisted him up the last little bit to
safety. The gecko remained on his shoulder and stated his intention to assist until he
was not needed anymore. John asked him if he had a name. After a moment of silence
the gecko replied, "you may call me Zig, and you are John I assume?" he asked in return.
"Indeed I am, and thank you Zig, you have saved my life and been of great service to this
group," John was astounded at how intelligent Zig was. Zig enjoyed the gratitude and he
enjoyed the introduction to Michael even more because Michael just stared at John as if
he were mad. John of course could not see this and only realised afterwards how much