of a shock it all was to Michael. He told Michael to keep it between them and that the
gecko was his pet. Luckily for John, Zig had no idea what a pet was, because if he did, he
would not have been happy and would have definitely bit John’s earlobe.
The initial shock of
the situation had worn off and Michael told John how he had sent
the rest of the crowd back to the tent when he started to climb up. "Here, take this," he
said as he handed John a moist cloth. John used it to wipe his face and hands.
"How do I look?" he asked Michael, looking in what was hopefully his face.
"Well, besides the fact that you are looking past my head and the nasty bruise you have
in the middle of your forhead that has both your eyes completely black and swollen, I'd
say you look terrible," Michael replied.
"If my brother were here he'd clap your back and tell you it's an improvement," John
said. He heard Zig mutter something about how all humans look ugly to them but he
ignored it. "What say you get me back to the tent so we can make sure the group isn't
too stressed out that I am dead or something," John told Michael.
He took John by the arm and led him back to the tent. John heard the sigh of relief from
the group as he was led in by Michael. One of the smaller kids ran up to him and hugged
his leg. John just rubbed his hair and carried on with the little nipper hanging on to his
leg. He got to an area where Michael motioned for him to sit down on what felt like a
tree stump covered with a blanket. He sat down and cleared his throat.
"I am glad to tell you all that the worst is officially over, for all of us. Although my sight is
temporarily gone, the rest of the way is not as treacherous as this last bit. It will be
tough and we have a lot of ground to cover, but we should be fine if we start in the next
couple of hours. Can anyone tell me how much longer to sunrise?" he asked.