One of the older girls told him that they had about three hours. John did some
calculations in his head and decided that in four hours they would be on the move again.
He told the group and then found himself some painkillers and a soft spot to get some
sleep. He gave Michael the responsibility of watching over the group, found his tune and
before he could even latch on he fell asleep.
John thought that when he woke
he would have felt like he only slept a few minutes but
as it turns out he felt like he had slept for even more than four hours. The camp was
silent. Caitlin, one of the older girls, had been keeping an eye on him and was awake
when he woke. John got up and asked her to take him to Michael, they moved over to
where he sat. It was tough going as every muscle in John’s body was a stiff as all hell and
he even thought that he may have a cracked rib or two. He made a point to make sure
he moved slowly.
Caitlin gently roused a sleeping Michael who got a bit of a fright and John had to re
assure him everything was alright. They set about waking everyone and the older boys
got started on a very quick breakfast of snack bars, dried meat, fruit and nuts. Within
forty five minutes everyone was ready and the campsite was packed up. The injured
were coping alright but they needed better painkillers and treatment. The girl with the
broken arm was running a fever. The wound where the bone broke through the skin in
her arm had become infected and she needed a doctor. They kept her cool with wet
cloths as best they could but they were on borrowed time. John gave the instruction to
move out in five minutes.
He woke up Zig
who had found his way into John’s top pocket and asked him to guide
him back to the ravine to have a look at what they had achieved in the darkness. Zig was
reluctant, it seemed gecko's had the same morning tendencies as some humans. He
asked Zig to describe what he saw in detail so that he could get a picture of what it