looked like. After a few seconds into the description John stopped Zig and was grateful
his vision was on gone.
With Zig’s help he sat down near the edge of the cliff and closed his eyes.
He sent out a
signal to the extraction team to see if they could be reached.
"You are most peculiar human," Zig said in an observant tone, "most peculiar indeed."
John waited for about thirty seconds before the extraction team responded.
"And how are you this fine morning John?" he asked.
"Been better, we had an incident at the ravine crossing last night, I took a fall and lost
my vision. Are you ready for us?" he asked.
"Damn, sorry to hear that buddy, and yes we are ready for you but you're going to have
to high tail it out of there, you got less than ten hours and a lot of ground to cover. Is
everyone accounted for?" he replied.
"Yes but we have some injuries and one of the girls is running a fever, make sure you
have treatment ready when we get there. I have an idea, if the landscape is similar to
what it was before the quakes there is a short cut we can take but it's going to leave us
down river about two kilometres from the extraction zone, is this going to be a
problem?" John asked, hoping for a positive answer.
"Shouldn't be a problem mate, we have enough time to make the necessary
arrangements. This brings you out close to the rapids though, you going to be able to
get over?"