My leg felt warm and all my thoughts of embarrassment left me as I floated away in her
eyes. I quickly snapped back to reality when Mrs Braby said in a booming voice worthy
of a Headmistress, never mind a teacher “we are grateful for your appreciation young
man, a fresh set of ears is sometimes exactly what we need, the rest of these ingrates
might learn a thing or two from you.” She eyed the crowd with school teacher eyes and I
could feel the audience shrink back into their seats. “What is your name young man?”
she asked
“M..M...Matthew, Miss” I stammered with as much respect
as I could.
“Well my class and I thank you Matthew” she smiled a big smile, the kind that only a
teacher can smile when they are looking with joy upon their students, it made me feel
completely at ease. School is something I could relate to, a lot. “Right class, off you go,
let’s clear the way” Mrs Braby said guiding the children off the stage. As the little choir
exited another choir entered on the other side of the stage. As they did so the crowd
became very still. I could feel their attention on the choir, it was that kind of respect
that you can sense. I knew something important was about to happen.
Without so much as an introduction or any kind of spoken words to herald in the new
performers, they started to hum, softly at first but gently increasing
in volume. As I
listened I could feel myself almost slip away. It felt as if I was in a closed room bathed in
golden light that flowed right through the very part of me that was connected to God. It
was a feeling of absolute content and bliss unlike anything I had ever felt. I stayed in this
space, it was a great space to be in.
Kim too was there, I could tell just by looking at her, in fact I didn’t even need to look at
her, I could feel where she was and my Dad too for that matter, and even Kim’s Dad. It
was really quite extraordinary. I turned to Kayla and her and all the other Pelican’s that I
could see were gently swaying from side to side, there was a faint almost inaudible