"I am sure we can manage, if memory serves the rapids were the second crossing that
could be used according to the map. I just have a hunch we won't have enough time to
go through the clearing, it will be tight but we should be okay, see you
soon," he ended
the conversation but could sense their concern.
"Right you are mate, see you in a bit," and with that they withdrew.
John stood up and made his way back to the group with the help of Zig who seemed to
be observing John with a new sense of wonder.
"That is a pretty impressive thing you have learned there human, it is not something
everyone is aware of and much less something they are able to do," Zig said.
"Something I learned when I was with some friends of mine and a whole bunch of
Pelicans," John replied. "Are you willing to guide me today. It is not going to be easy
because I have to explain to you where we need to go and you need to make sure we go
in that direction, our lives depend on it."
"I am ready my friend. Many of the animals around here are also aware of what is
coming and are moving out as well, so let's stop dilly dallying and get out of here. Which
way first?" Zig asked.
"There should be a thick tree line directly in front of the tent area where we all slept last
sort of right in the middle of it is where we need to be headed. Michael and I will
be in front with a few big knives I have to cut our way through. You ready?" John asked
"Indeedydoody, now gather the troops and let's get out of here," Zig said. John had
become very fond of the little gecko. He briefed the older kids who carried the message