through to the rest of the group. John understood that he could not control everything,
he, and now Zig, had a job to do, which was to get them all to safety. As
for the group's
way of coping, well he just left that up to themselves. They seemed to be very tight and
were doing a great job of looking after each other.
Michael stood next to John and the rest of them filed in behind. With a sigh and a
feeling of anxiety, they moved out on their ten hour journey to the pick up point. It was
tough going in the beginning as Zig and John figured out their timing and groove, but
once the trust was built up John was able to surrender completely to the impeccable
directions and instructions from Zig. It felt like he could actually see. Michael joined in
clearing more of the path for the rest of the group. The terrain was varied. There were
open sections and thickly vegetated sections, there were steep and narrow sections and
wide and flat sections. Each one presented a series of challenges for everyone but the
group did what they needed to do. No one panicked and everyone worked together. In
no time at all they were six hours in and according to John’s calculations they were
fifteen minutes ahead of schedule.
They stopped for a quick thirty minute lunch along the banks of the river they would be
crossing in just over three hour’s time. They had no time to sit and enjoy the scenery,
they moved out quickly. John was feeling the pain from his rock slamming the night
before. He popped a couple of painkillers and found his tune. That helped a lot to deal
with the pain but he knew that he would not be able to eliminate the pain, he could only
try speed up the healing process, but that would have to wait for a while longer. He had
to focus on the task at hand, he felt himself saying this often of late.
There were a few incidents of fatigue and a scare with the girl who had the broken ankle
when she passed out from the pain. Everyone was dirty, scared and exhausted. None of
them needed what they encountered three hours later at the section of the river they
were supposed to cross over. According to the description John had given Zig and