Michael there would be a series of rocks that they would be able to cross over the river
on, it was a well known section of the river that appeared on the map he memorised as
a crossing for hikers. What they found was a wild rushing torrent that covered the rocks
with scary looking bubbling white water. John could hear how violent the force was. He
reluctantly asked Michael for a report on the potential for the smaller kids being able to
cross over. Michael told John that he wasn't even sure if the bigger kids in the group
would make it across.
John did the calculation in his head, they had forty minutes. The only thing he could
hope for was that the extraction team were on the other side and able to help them. His
silent prayer was answered as Caitlin spotted movement on the other side of the wide
river. John felt the ping and grabbed onto the energy string.
"Good to see you lot buddy, looks like you have one more hurdle and then we can all get
out of here," came the reply.
"Yeah, tell me about it, any ideas?" John asked.
"With the time we have, the safest way is with ropes. And you have to move now. And I
know what you are thinking, why no helicopters. We asked the same thing. Turns out
the winds are coming with the next quake, the only way out for us is to a military bunker
about twenty kilometres
away and we need to high tail it out of here.
"I am sending a team over to you to set up the rope bridge, hang in there you are nearly
out, you’ve done an outstanding job getting here in time, let us take care of the rest," he
said. John felt like crying
as he drew his energy back. He thought that he would need to
do everything here again and that there would be some sort of obstacle that only he
would be able to overcome, but maybe they had hit their first bit of luck on this long
journey. He gave the news to the group and they were all delighted. John cautioned