them that once on the other side they would need to move quickly as they would be
travelling to a nearby facility for safety.
Michael slapped him on the back and gave him a teary thank you. Zig also conveyed his
approval as the team of six burly military styled men came across the river. They quickly
set up two ropes, one they attached a safety cord to and the other was for holding onto
and using for leverage. They started with the smaller kids first. The collective sigh of
relief within the group was great but John felt that they weren't out of the woods yet, so
to speak. The younger kids got across without any incident. The two injured older girls
proved more difficult. One of them came off and ended up in the raging water holding
onto the safety cord screaming. Zig gave John a report of the scene as it unfolded.
The extraction team mobilised immediately. John could hear the leader shouting orders
as they rushed out to help her. They pulled her in via the safety cord and between all of
them guided her across. The scene shocked a few of them and Caitlin was a little
anxious to cross over but when she was on the other side it just left Michael and John.
The extraction team hooked them up to the rope bridge and guided them both across. It
was uneventful right up to the point where they all reached the other side and the
leader of the team gave the order to unhook and pack it in immediately.
Before they could get into the truck with the rest of the group the first tremor hit. It was
so violent it moved the entire truck about five metres from where it was. It shook the
people inside so much that they almost immediately flew into a panic. Michael, John
and the team leader were thrown to the ground. It lasted a total of two minutes, a long
and scary two minutes. When it stopped John was grabbed by the shirt and thrown into
the truck. He landed next to Michael with Zig using a surprising number of swear words.
It was chaos as the army truck lurched forward. John heard one of the extraction team
shout to the driver that they needed to move as a wall of water was gaining on them.