The quakes started and even though they were in a well-insulated container they could
still feel the ferocity of Mother Nature. The team leader immediately took charge of the
fear that was rapidly spreading through the group. According to him the worst of the
quake was happening and the container was holding up perfectly. Within no time the
group became more relaxed and accustomed to the turbulent rocking of the container.
John was quite happy not to be the one in charge of the group anymore. He was sitting
comfortably with his back up against the padded wall of the container listening to Zig
give him an account of the activities now taking place.
The young kids were taken into one corner and were being spoken to by a lady that had
been waiting for them when they entered the container. They seemed to be getting
comfort out of what was being said to them and they were all drinking the same
which also seemed to be calming them down considerably. The injured were being
taken care of by the two beds and table that had a host of medical equipment strewn
across it. There were some added patients that had picked up some bumps and scrapes
along the way, even Michael didn't escape unhurt as he was treated for a broken wrist.
Everyone else had self organised themselves and were being checked by the extraction
team who were also acting as medical personnel it seemed. The quake outside was still
going on and the container kept on rocking and jerking. With each big bump there was a
natural shudder of panic that ran through the group and the extraction team had to
again reassure everyone that they were perfectly safe. The whole ordeal lasted about
half an hour before the major quakes stopped altogether. John shuddered to think
about the extent of the destruction that lay outside and in the populated areas around
them. He had no idea how far the quakes had been felt, and quite frankly he didn't want
to know.
Calm resonated throughout the container as the last of the quake was felt. There would
of course be the aftershocks but they had been informed that they would be spending